Snowflake Epidote Tumblestones. African. large (19-25mm)£2 each.Similar to 'normal' Epidote, this crystal has higher quantities of quartz, giving it the lighter colour. For me, this would only amplify the effects, making it a much higher vibration stone.It is a strong healing stone for the emotions, and like all green stones it has a strong connection with the heart chakra. Its strong vibration will work within all chakras to bring through much needed change. This stone has a positive effect on the health and will aid the immune system and the nervous system. —


The picture is a reference only, due to variations in the stones you may not reveive the one in the picture, but each stone will be specially chosen for you.

Snowflake Epidote Tumble stone

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  • Due to natural variances in the crystals, you may not recieve the ones in the picture, but each crystal will be specially chosen just for you.