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These beautiful, tactile, notebooks are perfect as Books of Shadow, diaries, sketchbooks or a plain old notebook. These measure approx 22x30 cms.

They are handmade in Nepal using sustatinable, ancient methods.

The information sheet reads:

"This handmade paper is made according to the traditional methods from the Daphne bush, which is locally known as "Lokta" in Nepal. This "Lokta" bush is found above 6,500ft altitudes of the Hamalayan region inm Nepal. This bush regenerate every few years so Nepali crafts men havehave been making this paper for thousands of years because it is an environmental friendly product.


This Paper is very strong and durable. It has inherant natural resisitane to worms and insects. This product is 100% handmade. There have not used any machinery to make this product.

Handmade in Nepal."


I use these books myself for note taking whilst studying.


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