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Nguni Jasper. African. Large (19-25mm)
£2 each
A gentle grounding energy belies this stone's power. Nguni jasper are one of the best choices for anyone looking more deeply inside. They will focus your mind and shield your sacred space from any negative thoughts.
The deeper magic of these Nguni Power Stones
Nguni jasper is a rare form of jasper found in South Africa that is deeply protective, warding off evil and danger of any kind. It will help you to feel safe and held as it also regroups scattered energy. African magic is ancient and profound. The land itself vibrates like the rhythm of a deep drum, reverberating with all its deep remembrance of our planet’s magical history. Africa is the Great Womb, the Cradle of All Life. You’ll learn that a number of African gemstones bear the properties for facilitating connection with your ancestors.
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The picture is a reference only, due to variations in the stones you may not reveive the one in the picture, but each stone will be specially chosen for you.

Nguni Jasper Tumblestone

£2.50 Regular Price
£1.00Sale Price
  • Due to natural variances in the crystals, you may not recieve the ones in the picture, but each crystal will be specially chosen just for you.

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