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These beautiful handmade tea lights have a burn time of approx 2 and a half hours.

They are dyed to compliment the fragrances of essential oils used.

5 tea lights in each bundle. 

SOME ESSENTIAL OILS ARE POISONOUS TO ANIMALS. Please do your research before purchasing.
Use in well ventilated room.

Below is a list of all the dyes and essential oils we currently have in stock.
Please message us with your preferences, or order a mixed lot of 5 random colours and fragrances.

Dyes: red, brown, black, light blue, grass green, purple, green, purplish-blue, pink, yellow, orange, blue, cyan, lotus pink, chartreuse, bright red.
Oils: cedarwood, frankincense, citronella, lavender, marjoram, palmarosa, rose, orange, grapefruit, ylang ylang, wild orange,  rosewood, peppermint, benzoin, oregano, geranium, lemon, tea tree, neroli, chamomile.

Handmade Soya Wax Tea Lights

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