Gound up chicken egg shells in a sweet little glass bottle.


What are egg shells used for?


If you’ve ever studied American folk magick, you might have heard of cascarilla powder. Cascarilla powder is simply eggshells (or crab shells) ground down into a fine powder. This powder is used for different magical purposes but mainly for protection. Sprinkle it around candle workings, to mark magic circles and sigils on the ground, in witch’s bottles and spell bags, to dress candles, and more. Also useful for fertility spells. 


Cascarilla Powder Uses

As a powder, sprinkle it anywhere you wish to ward off negative energy: your home, altar, bedroom, or even on your body. Cascarilla is a great ingredient to add to your warding powder recipes. It’s also effective in floor washes, to dress candles, in sacred washing soaps, and as a dust on the outside of the body. Add it to the bath to immediately clear the auric field and work to expel internal negativity. It is used to honor Obatala and is put on a practitioner’s hands before divination. Cascarilla powder’s magickal applications are virtually endless.


Cascarilla Chalk Uses

In chalk format, it’s used to draw sacred symbols, magickal sigils, or veve’s (sigils used in various Vodun/Voodoo practices that are believed to be living magick once they are created). Cascarilla chalk can also be used to mark boundaries for sacred space sites or decorate sacred items. When mixed with water, and oftentimes a smidge of resin, the powder then becomes paint. The paint is typically used on the body for ritual adornment.


Cascarilla Powder: Magick of Sacred White Earth, Cascarilla Uses & DIY (otherworldlyoracle.com)



We will be experimenting with making chalks, so watch this space...


Each bottle contains approx 1/2 ounce of powder. Please note that natural settling may occur during storage and/or transportation.


Ground Egg Shell