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Incorporating the Night Queen fragrance, this is a stimulating incense.


Night Queen is a passionate, sensual and bewitching scent. It's earthy, mildly spicy and floral. Tunisian Opium is a mysterious, spicy and complex scent. With a hint of patchouli, it's woodsy and flora.


Opium incenses are heavy, sweet florals with hints of dark musk and spice. They are supposed to mimic the scent of the fresh opium poppy—but of course, such a thing is so rare that few people have ever smelled one. Opium is well-known for inducing sleep, dreams, and visions. Opium incense may be used for dream and trance magick.

Opium’s dangerous reputation has followed it into the magickal world, where Opium incense has a certain naughty allure. Some Witches use it when seeking forbidden knowledge or consulting with unholy spirits. Opium may stand in as a Saturn incense when you don't want to mess with rare or poisonous Saturn herbs.

Arachnafaria - Elements Incense - Anne Stokes

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