These crow feathers are all naturally shed by a murder near my work place. Thanks are given every time we gather some.

Profit will go towards a local bird rescue centre.

Crow feather uses in magic: 

Feathers are tied to the element of air, they are used as a focus point during divination and spells, crow feathers are used for letting go of unwanted feelings and situations.

We also use them in the spell to go with our protection powder. (We will sell a complete set with protection powder, spell and feather, tbc).

Deities associated witht he crow:

  • Morrighan (Irish/Gaelic)
  • Bran and Branwen (Welsh)
  • Odin (Norse)
  • Australian Aboriginal 
  • The Valkyrie (Norse)
  • Baba Yaga (Slavic)
  • Dhumavati (Hindu)

  • Nephthys (Egyptian)


Crow Feathers