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Kalahari Desert Stone. Large (19-25mm)
£4 each.

Kalahari Desert Stone is another jasper l symbolising: Earth, Connection and Grounding qualities.
Similar to Picture Jasper, Kalahari Desert Stone's cream, tan and brown layering reflects the energies and landscapes of the Kalahari desert.
This is a good choice for the Shamanic Practitioner, or natural healing practitioner, and for anyone who wishes to connect with the Earth’s spirit, Devas or elementals.


The picture is a reference only, due to variations in the stones you may not reveive the one in the picture, but each stone will be specially chosen for you.

Kalahari Desert Stone (Jasper) Tumblestone

£4.50 Regular Price
£1.50Sale Price
  • Due to natural variances in the crystals, you may not recieve the ones in the picture, but each crystal will be specially chosen just for you.

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