These are little discs, approx 2 inches in diameter, specially cut for you to make your own set of runes. The set comprises 25 discs. There are NO spare discs in this set.

These are silver birch (my favourite tree!!) wood, and are taken from a branch that came down locally during a storm. 

They will need sanding before you attempt to place your runes upon them. Cut with the Elder Futhark (Viking) runes in mind, these are ideal for engraving, drawing, carving or burning your designs onto. Ater placing your designs upon them, they should be sealed, and it's up to you if you decide to wax or varnish them (I am told that ship's varnish works incredibly well, although I used linseed oil to seal mine).

Every rune set should have a little of you in it, so creating these yoursealf allows for your energy to flow throgh the wood and into any divination you choose.

Blank Rune Discs (Silver Birch- Large)