Bee in a bottle.

This poor bee is an unfortunate natural death in a hot window at work :( . Profit from this sale will go towards creating a bee friendly environment in our garden, to aid with the increasing of the foodstuffs for them.

Dieties associated with the bee:

  • Melissa, goddess of bees. The figure of Melissa as a nymph or demigod/priestess, in addition to administering honey as sacred nectar, symbolizes femininity. (Melissa means Bee in many naming traditions, and Dumbledore is a Middle English work for a bumble bee)
  • Aristaeus. Aristée, dieu des jardins (Aristaeus, god of the gardens). ...
  • Cupid. 
  • Ra and his honey tears. 
  • Aphrodite.
  • Vishnu.
  • Pan. 
  • Cybele.


Bees are associated around the world with anything from abundance to death (telling the bees of a death was something my gran used to do). 

Bee venom is used in many different folk traditions, as is honey.

Uses for bees in magic:

Bees in Magick The symbol of a bee can seal a spell with sweetness for allies and those who appreciate goodwill and a sting for thieves and cheaters. Bees can be a symbol of chastity, productivity, and diligence. Some say they promote money and friendships. 

Bee in a Bottle